LABOURNE, Harry 132 Lambert Road 32241 Pte., 15th Hussars Cavalry
LACEBY, John William 143 Cooper Road 284350 Gnr., R.G.A.
LACEBY, William 218 Heneage Road 41621 Pte., R.A.M.C. (T.F.)
LACEY, James 13 Kent Street R.D.C., 41306 (Segt.)
LACEY, John William 22 Ripon Street A Battery 59 Bde. R.F.A., 800914 (PA/L/Bn.)
LACK, William John 41 Eleanor Street 200152 Rflmn., A Coy. 18th R.T.
LACY, Albert Sidney 9 Blundell Avenue 34th Btn. M.G.C., 60285 (Pte.)
LACY, Arthur Ernest 7 Giles Street 10th Btn. Lincs Regt, Inf., 1171 (C.S.M.)
LACY, Edward Lawrence 21 College Street, Clps. 1st Army Sig.HQ.RE.Motor Cyc.Sec.191822 Cpl
LACY, William Jas., Jun 9 Blundell Avenue 1/7 Duke of Wellington W.R. Regt.308016 Pte
LACY, William 61 Blundell Avenue M.G.C. Base Dept., E.E.F., 2222
LADD, Harold 104 Torrington Street Navy
LADDS, Frederick Cyril 312 Convamore Road H.M.S. Fiona
LADLEY, Fred 81 Columbia Road 335513, A.S.C., M.G.
Ladlow, Charles   William 7 Wardall Street 96 Coy. M.G.C., 121846 (Pte.)
Ladlow, Charles   Wm. 2 Wardall Street 32 M.G. Batt., 121846 (Pte.)
LADLOW, Edward 13 Watkin Street 1/6 Sher.Foresters, TS241460 Pte.
LADLOW, Edward 57 Fraser Street 46796 Pte., B Coy., 3 Leices. Regt.
LADLOW, John Edward 43 Oxford Street, Clps. Reserve Depot, 296235 (Pte.)
LADLOW, John William 103 Willingham Street 48109 Pte., 1/1 Hunts. Cyc. Bt. Inf.
LADLOW, Tom 13 Watkin Street H.M.S. Pekin, 3359 TS (Trimr.).
LAIDLOW, Adam Carisbrooke, Princes Road A.S.C. C Coy., S/256531 (Pte.)
Laister, Roland   James 69 White’s Road Army Ord. Corps, 108th Coy., 038720 (Pte.)
LAIT, Alfred 42 Grafton Street A.S.C.
LAKE, George Henry 31 Farebrother Street 245754 Gnr., 420 How. Bat., R.F.A.
LAKE, John William 31 Farebrother Street 240217 Cpl., 4th Lincs. Regt.
LAKIN, Francis John Back 70 Lambert Road 201 (A.E. Coy.) Lab. Corps, 120288 (A/Cpl.)
LAKING, John 59 Fildes Street Eider (Fisherman)
LAKING, William Francis 302 Convamore Road 199306 Driver, M.E.F.,G.B.D., R.E.
LAMB, Frederick Arthur 1 Henry Street H.M.S. Platypus, 308041 (S.P.O.)
LAMB, John Henry 7 Brereton Avenue H.M.S. Crescent, 13702 (Skipper)
LAMB, William 119 Thorold Street Dk. Hnd., S.T. Synther
LAMBE, Charles Herbert 367 Wellington Street P.O.W.
LAMBE, Wilfred 217 Durban Road Naval Reserve
LAMBERT, Edley 13 Park View Sec. I, 46 Batty. R.F.A., 820108 (Wr.)
LAMBERT, George 86 Guildford Street Worker in Shipyard
LAMBERT, Joseph Charles 319 Brereton Avenue H.M.S. Idaho, 19063. D.A. 2nd Hd R.N.R.T.
LAMBERT, Thomas 28 Duchess Street Minesweeper Cooksin (1st Engr.)
LAMINGMAN, Geo. Morris M. 42 Fraser Street Fisherman
LAMLE, Charles 223 Brereton Avenue Research for 17051 D.A. (Dk. Hd.)
LAMMIN, Harry Herbert 69 Daubney Street Labour Coy., France
LAMMIN, Walter Fred 110 Corporation Road 78th Bde., B Bty. R.F.A., 174910 (Dvr.)
LAMMIN, William Ernest 110 Corporation Road XVIII. Corps Cyclists A.C.C., 4938 Pte.
LAMMING, John Frederick 36 Blundell Avenue H.M.S. Hecla II., 3140 E.S. (Engineman)
LAMMING, John Richard 67 Lime Street ¼ Lincs. Regt., 203261
LAMMING, Joseph M. K. 99 Earl Street R.F.A., 821269 (Driver)
LAMMING, Joseph T. 392 Cleethorpe Road D/15423 Tpr., 1st Roy. Dragoons
LAMMING, Samuel 392 Cleethorpe Road 207751 Pte., 317 (A.S.) Works Coy.
LAMMINMAN, John Henry 14 Harrington Street M.T., A.S.C., M2/119672 (Pte.)
Lancaster, Charles Wm. 9 Thrunscoe Road 2 I.C.D. 2/5 Lincolns, 25910 (Pte.)
LANCASTER, George Fred 47 Highgate 54 Inf. Bde. R.E. Sig. Service, 191971 Pnr
LANCASTER, John 68 Bath Street H.M.S. Ceto, 2065 D.A. (Dk. Hnd.)
LANCASTER, John 24 Freshney Street 483rd H.S. Labour Corps. 196712 Pte.
LANCKHAM, Thomas 82 Park Street 48717 Pte., 131 Field Ambu., R.A.M.C.
LANCKHAM, William 82 Park Street C/1568 Rfm.(Pioneers)20th R.K. K.R.R.C.
LAND, Richard 14 Castle Street 11743 D.A. Dk. Hnd., Vivid
LANDEN, Harry Osborne 62 Corporation Road Middlesex Regt., 3333 (Sgt.)
LANDLES, John Swanson 403 Weelsby Street 286305 Pte., M.T., A.S.C.
LANDMORE, Charles Sam. 72 Newmarket Street H.M.S. King Canute, (Gunr.)
LANDYMORE, James Robert 485 Grimsby Road 186 Land Drainage Coy. R.E., 133258 Pioneer
LANE, Charles Richard 70 Lord Street F. Coy., 3rd N. Staff. Regt., 40060 Pte.
LANE, Frederick Samuel 18 Cooper Road Fisherman
LANE, Frederick William 315 Wellington Street Fisherman
LANE, George 17 Montague Street R.N. Ba’ks, Portsmouth, T.S. 3378 Tmr.
LANE, Harry Robinson 74 Chapman Street 2nd Leices. Regt., 19551 Pte.
LANG, Arnold Edward 39 Donnington Street 263003 5th Lincs., Trans Sect.
LANG, Ernest Richard 24 Thomas Street 800003 L/Bdr., R.F,A.
LANGFORD, Richard Henry 153 King Edward Street H.M.S. Prince Rupert, J36728 (A.B.)
LANGFORD, Steven Charles 153 King Edward Street H.M.T. Kingfisher, D.A.281 (2nd Hand)
LANGFORD, William 25 Mill Place 3rd Manchesters, 2854 (Pte.)
LANGHAM, James George 261 Roberts Street 55589 Lincs Yeo.
LANGLEY, Anthony 48 Cavendish Street 7837 D.A. Dk. Hnd., R.N.R.T. Ganges
LANGLEY, Sydney Harold 80 Castle Street 1831 Minesweeper, Wm. Jackson
LANGMAID, Walter 41 Edward Street 1759 Sea., R.N.R. Pembroke, Div. I.
LANKHAM, Frank 121 Columbia Road Soldier
LAPIDGE, Tom Selby 114 Grimsby Road H.M.S. Idaho, 1279 W.S.A (Skipper)
LARDER, Christie . 257 Brereton Avenue Fishing Engineer
LARDER, Durham 58 Wintringham Road 2/5 Lincs, Regt., 241480
LARDER, Frank Brown 10 Chantry Lane No. 2 Gen. Hospt. R.A.M.C., 52384 (Pte)
LARGE John 52 Bridge Street South H.M.S. Pekin, 1329 (Dk. Hand)
LARGE, Joshua 85 Tunnard Street 11/1702 Lincs. Regt., P.O.W.
LARK, Frederick, Senior 67 Weelsby Street 2098 2nd Hd. R.N.R.T., H.M.S. Ambitious
LARKIN, Benjamin James 157 Castle Street 2177 D.A. Dk.Hd. R.N.R.T., H.M.S. Pekin
LARKIN, Ernest William 8 Brereton Avenue H.M.S. Valhalla II., D.A., 13520 Dk. Hd
LARKIN, Spencer 33 Suggitts Lane H.M.S. Colleen (Skipper)
LARKIN, William Spencer 20 Oole Road H.M.S. Idaho, TS 6783 (Trmr.)
LARTER, Richard 437 Convamore Road 56 D.A. Lg.Dk.Hnd. RNRT Pembroke, Div.I
LATH, Thomas 39 Ladysmith Road 167912 Pte., Lab. Centre X Coy. A.S.C.
LAUGHTON, David 63 Coombe Street Transport Fireman
LAURIDSON, John William 48 Freeston Street N.A.C.B. (Canteen Manager)
LAVER, George 41 Fairmont Road 166489 Gnr., 140 Siege Baty. R.G.A.
LAVERICK, William 106 Garibaldi Street 4th Btn. Staffs. Regt., 42772 Pte.
LAW, Thomas Anthony 11 Giles Street H.M.S. Halcyon E.S. 2622 Engn.
LAWE, Frank 20 Bark Street H.M.S. Zaria (Deck Hand)
LAWIS, Jesse Rupert Hotson 9 Mangle Street M/315592 Pte., A.S.C., M.T.
LAWLER, Ralph Langley 97 Crow Hill Avenue Manchesters, 6343
LAWN, William 95 Grafton Street Fisherman
LAWRENCE, John William 2 Abbey Walk 169th Protn. Coy., R.D.C., 63348 Pte.
LAWRENCE, John 68 Harrington Street H.M.S. Valhalla II, 14071 D.A. (Dk. Hand)
LAWRENCE, Joseph Mason 137 Brereton Avenue H.M.S Pactolus, 28310 (Trmr.)
LAWRENCE, Robert Francis 33 Abbey Road R.E. 4th Army (2/Lt.)
LAWRENCE, William 18 Grime Street H.M.S. Sth. Shields, 61 D.A. (Dk. Hand)
LAWRENCE, William 21 Grafton Street Minesweeper, Brae Lassie
LAWSON, Charles Henry 163 Rutland Street 2113 C. Seaman, R.N.R., Albion
LAWSON, Clive 52 Wollaston Road Military Cook
LAWSON, George Gorden 52 Wollaston Road Armoured Batty.
LAWSON, George Temple 51 Victoria Street A.S.C., M.T., 5/311635 Pte.
LAWSON, George 13 Manor Avenue M.T., A.S.C., M/336188 (A/Segt.)
LAWSON, Henry T. 32 Park Street 3374 ST. Trmr., R.N.R.T., Attentive III
LAWSON, James 53 Ward Street 46 Bty. M.G.C., 87245 (Pte.)
LAWSON, Leonard Harold 51 Church Street H.M.S. Pekin, 6529TS (Trimr.)
LAWSON, Thomas J. 32 Park Street Skipper, R.N.R., H.M.S. Zaria
LAWSON, William 51 Victoria Street 2nd Btn. North. Pus., 341003 Pte.
LAWTEY, William Henry 429 Weelsby Street 370472 Dvr., A.S.C., H.T., A.H.D.T.
LAWTON, John 15 Watkin Street (A.S.Co.) R.E. (M.E.F.), 77511 (Cpl. Mc.)
LAX, Clarence George 64 Orwell Street  
LAY, William George 92 Fairmont Road 9036, 1st Lincs.
LAYNE, Charles Conway 126 Hainton Avenue Capt., 2 M. A.S.C.
LAYNE, Edward Herbert 6 Fairmont Road 19084 A/Cpl., Lincs. Inf., P.O.W.
LAYTON, Harry 10 bk. 10 Best’s Bgs, Hope St 239901 Ldg. Smn. R.N. Mamosa
LAYTON, Henry 7 Hope Street H.M.S. Mammora, 239961
LAYTON, John Henry 417 Weelsby Street Dk. Hnd., R.N.R.T. Zaria
LAYTON, Joseph James 7 Hope Street H.M.S.Amazon, J69755 (A/Seamn.)
LAZARUS, Harry 167 Barcroft Street 121 Coy., No. 801891
LAZARUS, Maurice Back Corporation Road Lincs. Regt., 39388
LAZENBY, Thomas 93 Haycroft Street  
LAZENBY, William 9 Beeson Street R.E., 34783
LE BAS, Ernest Aubry 56 Legsby Avenue R.M. Engineers, 4018 (L/Cpl.)
LEA, John Thomas 125 Orwell St Minesweeper
Leadwood, John Gilbert 82 Thrunscoe Road Sailor
LEAF, William 2 Tunnard Street 2nd Lincs.
LEAK, Alfred Charles 3 North Street, Clps. D Squad. 20 Hussars 5 Res. Cay. Regt.
LEAK, Harry 51 Harrington Street H.M.S. Perthshire, M13798 Act. ERA. 4/C
LEAK, John William 191 King Edward Street HMT. Rainbow, c/o HMS. Queen, G.P.O. London
LEALAND, Charles William 77 Guildford Street 8893 L/Cpl. 6th Coy. R.B. Cold. Gds.
LEALE, William 66 Stirling Street P.O.W.
LEANING, John 6 North Street, Clps. H.M.S. Emperor of India, 333246 (A.B.)
LEANORD, Richard John 51 Victor Street 38864 0.S., R.N., H.M.S. Terror
LEARY, George 46 Ripon Street No. 6 Res. Bde. R.F.A., 191575 (Gunr.)
LEARY, John Jesse 46 Macaulay Street 47th Div. M.T. Coy. A.S.C., T/4 199613 Pte.
LEASON, B. 239 Hope Street P.O.W.
LEDGER, Edward 77 Ayscough Street 7th Res. Bn.Worcestershire Regt.,(2/Lt.)
LEE, Arthur Henry H. 112 Willingham Street 821552 Dvr., 232 Batt. R.F.A.
LEE, Arthur Wright 5 Haven Street R.A.F., 36271
LEE, Arthur Wright Queen’s Parade, Cartergate Killingholme, Lincs, 235281 (A.C.I.)
LEE, Charlie 72 Blundell Avenue H.M.S. Valhalla II., 275 D.A. (Engnr.)
LEE, Frederick 56 Alexandra Road 534th Agric.Coy.,Liverpool Lab Corps 508983
LEE, George Henry 71 Harrington Street H.M.S. Vigorous (Engineman)
LEE, George Robert Wm. 191 Lovett Street H.M.S. Attentive III., 9277 D.A.
LEE, George 35 Fair View Avenue 2/5 Lincs. Inf., 1715 (Pte.)
LEE, Herbert Joseph 375 Grimsby Road 2/5 West Yorks. 202122
LEE, Horace 51 Weelsby Street A/204468 Rfm., 1st King’s R.R.C.
LEE, James George 25 Bradford Avenue R.H. & R.F.A. Base Depot, 820007
LEE, John Charles 56 Humberstone Road 518 SA. 2nd Hnd., R.N.R.T. Nairn
LEE, John 4 Gertrude Street 67810 Pte., 251 Pro. Coy., R.D.C.
LEE, Joseph Harrie Lindum, Brookland’s Avenue H.M.S. Pekin, 5077 T.S. (Trmr.)
LEE, Joseph Henry 6 Harrington Street R.E., 283391 (Spr.)
LEE, Leonard 118 Blundell Avenue H.M.S. Vivid Div. 3, 37 (Master)
LEE, Robert 71 Harrington Street H.M.T. Frazer
LEE, Roland John 13 Hildyard Street 6522, 6th Lincs.
Lee, Thomas A. 67 White’s Road R.A.F., 186066
LEECH, Benjamin 25 Wellowgate A.S.C., M2/113078 Pte.
LEECH, Benjamin Robert 6 Farebrother Street (M.T.) A.S.C., M/2/113078
LEEDELL, John William 155 Orwell Street 10th Lincs. Reg. K.I.B.D. 24/240160 L/Cpl.
LEEDHAM, Christopher 5 Dolphin Street Mil. Foot Police, 1143 (L/Cpl.)
LEEDHAM, Cyril Harry 120 Annesley Street E. Coy., R.D.B.T.R., 7th, 90579 (Cpl.)
LEEDHAM, John William 57 Fildes Street H.M.S. Boadicea II., L8408, O.S.
LEEDHAM, Walter Henry 195 Lovett Street H.M.S. Attentive II., K 44001 (Stoker)
LEEMAN, Allen 11 Fairmont Road 2862 Trmr., R.N.R.T., H.M.S. Pekin
LEEMAN, Charles Tyson 16 Julian Street 266357 Spr., R.E.
LEEMAN, Frank 86 Duncombe Street Fisherman
LEEMAN, Frederick Cottage Duke Street H.M.T. Kimberley
LEEMAN, Henry Alden 32 Buller Street 1280 E.S. Engr., R.N.R.T. Attentive III
LEEMAN, James William 172 Victoria Street R.N.R.T., 6804 T.S. (Trimmer)
LEEMAN, Sidney Cottage Duke Street Somerset L.I.
LEEMING, Arthur 120 Weelsby Street 2132 Pte., 12th Field Ambu., R.A.M.C.
LEEMING, Joshua 168 Stanley Street 10998 Segt., R.A.F.
LEEMING, William 41 Cosgrove Street H.M.S. Queen 17154 (Mate)
LEES, Rupert 18 Torrington Street 408893 Pte., 880 Area Em. Coy.
LEESING, Arthur 50 Highgate Mil. Foot Police, 9676 (L/Cpl.)
LEESING, Charles Herbert 129 Wintringham Road 2/5 Lincs. Regt. 14335 Pte.
LEESING, Fred 114 Eleanor Street 174164, 130 Heavy Batt. R.G.A.
LEESING, Walter William 129 Wintringham Road 2/5 Lincs. Regt.
LEESON, Ernest 104 Mill Road  
LEESON, Harold 104 Mill Road R.F.A., 92752
LEESON, Robert Arthur 119 Willingham Street 75275 Pte., 28th D.L.I.
LEESON, Robert William 149 Patrick Street 12700 Spr., Im. S. Coy., R.E.
LEGGETT, Harry Edward 106 Blundell Avenue 113 Siege Baty. R.G.A., 166941 (Gunner)
LEGGETT, James 76 Newmarket Street 1/5 Lincs Regt., 241504 (Cpl.)
LEGGETT, John Henry 76 Newmarket Street 2/5 Lincs Regt., 241135
LEGGOTT, Charles 95 Rutland Street 9116 Pte., 272 Coy, M.G.C.
LEIGH, Charles Ernest 90 Haven Avenue (M.T.) A.S.C., 224769
LEIGH, Percy Elmfield, Park Avenue R.A.F. (Lt.)
LEMAN, William 2 Peaksfield Avenue 8388 D.A. Dk.Hd. R.N.R.T. Island Prince
LEMON, Joseph 26 Cromwell Road 2nd Man. Regt., 7567 (Regt. S.M.)
LENIER, Fred 222 Hope Street 84550 Gnr., 68th D.A.C., R.F.A.
LENIER, Thomas 222 Hope Street 241077 Pte., 6th Lincs Regt.
LENNON, Thomas Joseph Cynwyd, Sackville Street Rm 6 R.O.Gen.Hos,Fazakerly,L’pool,113731 Gr
LENYGON, Alfred 29 Fuller Street H.M.S. Vernon, 208312 (A.B.) R.N.
LENZ, Carl 151 King Edward Street Lincs. Regt., 7533 Pte.
LEO, George Albert 10 Brereton Avenue H.M.S. Attentive III(., 13263 Dk. Hnd.
LEO, Herbert 42 Lovett Street H.M.S. Dreel Castle (2nd Mate)
LEO, Nicholas John Harold 68 Hildyard Street Fisherman
LEO, Thomas Martin 33 Duke Street 7489 Fisherman, S.S. Leeds
LEONARD, Albert 109 Hildyard Street 17603 Dk.Hd. HMT WarGray, c/o HMS Queen
LEONARD, Frederick Albert 37 Barcroft Street H.M.D. Jesse
LEONARD, Henry Ewart 83 Heneage Road 160 Cadet, 10th Lincs.
LEONARD, James 81 Buller Street Merchant Seaman
LEONARD, John Joseph 37 Kent Street Mer. Smn,118618 Neebing D1 S.A. No. 487923
LEONARD. Edward 37 Barcroft Street H.M.S. Hyacinth, 5438 T.S. (Trimmer)
LETTEN, Frank Somerville Hazelmere, Welholme Ave (Capt.)
LEVACK, Alexandria 42 Guildford Street 82097 Gnr., R.F.A.
LEWENDON, Walter 143 Freeman Street R.A.F., 238723 (A.C.2)
LEWIS, Albert Edward 223 Hope Street 34204 Pte., E. Coy., 12 Batt. Bed. Reg.
LEWIS, Ernest Alfred 47 Cooper Road T393542 Pte., 373 M.T. Coy., A.S.C.
LEWIS, Ethelbert Alfred Deansgate 1/10 Bn. Lon. Regt., 422023 Pte.
LEWIS, Frederick 40 Thesiger Street R.E., 206000 (L/Cpl.)
LEWIS, Frederick. 133 Albion Street I.W.T. Mesp., 206007 (Spr.)
LEWIS, George Samuel 173 Farebrother Street 2655 S.A., R.N.R.T. Vanessa
LEWIS, George 9 Kay’s Bdgs. Victor Street Minesweeper
LEWIS, John Robert 255 Convamore Road 55661 Pte., Lincs. Yeo. Cavalry
LEWIS, John 13 Garner Street 1316 East Yorks.
LEWIS, Joseph William 50 Tunnard Street 276951 Pte., 142nd Lab. Coy. Inf.
LEWIS, Robert 4 Harrison Street 2/5th Hants. Regt., 260095 Pte.
LEWIS, Roland Hill 221 Hainton Avenue Lt. Q.M. 2/5 Lincs. Regt.
LEWIS, Thomas Henry 43 Blundell Avenue H.M.S. Pekin, W 8281 (Skipper)
LEWIS, Thomas 88 Watkin Street 10th Lancs. Fus., 50466 Pte.
LEWIS, William Arthur 1 Poplar Villas, Suggitts Lane H.M.S. Pekin, 178498
LEWIS, William Arthur 13 Tiverton Street H.M.S. Pekin, 178498 (C.P.O.)
LIDGARD, Arthur 123 Lambert Road 153638 L/Cpl., M.G.C.
Lidgard, Frank   Mackrill 99 St. Peter’s Avenue Minesweeper
LIDGARD, Harold Snowden Clifton Villa, Park Avenue 514th Siege Batty, R.G.A., 167502 (Gnr)
LIDGARD, Leonard 109 Cooper Road M/303790 Pte., 954 M.T.Coy., A.S.C.
LIDGARD, Stanley 161 Corporation Road 1/5 Lincs. Regt.
LIDGARD, William 182 Convamore Road 36895 Pte. 16th Bn. York. & Lancs. Reg.
LIDGETT, Vernon 109 Thorold Street Fisherman
LIGHT, Frederick Wm. 8 Pollitt Street H.M.S. Pekin, Attd. to Staff
LIGHTOLLER, Charles Herbert 24 Mill Road H.M.S. Wallington (Lt.)
LILES, Alfred Edward 19 Donnington Street 8 Mess, H.M.S. Canopias
LILES, Charles Thomas 5 Donnington Street 610 S.A. Sec.Hd. R.N.R.T. Island Prince
LILES, Walter George 5 Donnington Street 7568 D.A. Dk.Hd. R.N.R.T. Pembroke, D.1
LILES, Wilfred 5 Donnington Street 11886 D.A. Dk. Hnd., R.N.R.T. Ganges
LILL, George William 37 Lime Street Royal Engrs., 308223
LILL, Herbert 59 Alexandra Road 3/1 Nth. Midland Bde., 801174
LILL, Samuel Arthur Back 64 King Edward Street B Baty. 295 Bde. R.F.A., 801173 (Drvr)
Lilley, Arthur   Robert 1 Rowston Street 2nd Lincs Inf., 8486 (Segt.)
LILLEY, Frederick 62 Haven Avenue Lincs. Regt., 28237 Pte. P.O.W.
LILLEY, James 280 Convamore Road E.R.A., R.N., H.M.S. Zaria
LILLEY, Thomas Charles 62 Haven Avenue  
LILLEY, William Waltcr 280 Convamore Road J 40672 A.B. H.M. Port Edgar, T.B, Dep.
LILLIMAN, George William 35 Fraser Street 202508, 2/5 Lincs. Regt.
LILLIMAN, John W. Arthur 35 Fraser Street 250 T.C., R.N.R.T. Hannibal.
LILLIMAN, Joseph Henry 35 Fraser Street Minesweeper
LIMB, Elam 41 Hildyard Street 820111 Dr., Sect. I. 46D, R.F.A.
LINCOLN, James William 13 Durban Road 44951, 2nd Lincs. Regt.
LIND, Henry Frederick 226 Burgess Street H.M.S. Wallington, K35889 (Stkr.)
LINDLEY, Charles Henry 178 King Edward Street Lincs Regt., 242156 Pte.
LINDOFF, Benjamin Thomas 181 Lovett Street H.M.S. Magpie, 592 W.S.A. (Skpr.)
LINDSAY, Charles 1 Prospect Terrace, Grime St. H.M.S Thalia, R.N.R.T.(Dk.Hand)
LINDUP, Harry 279 Weelsby Street 16342 Spr., 139 Army Trps. Corps
LINDUP, John 192 Durban Road 25917, 2nd Lincolns
LINFORD, George 6 Rendel Street 2/4 East Yorks, Regt., 202262
LING, Charles Walter 414 Weelsby Street 127953 2A/M/. Repair Park 2, A.S.D.
LINGARD, Arthur 25 Victor Street 5955 T.S. Trmr. R.N.R.T., H.M.S. Ganges
LINGARD, Arthur 418 Weelsby Street 6228 D.A. Dk. Hnd., Naval Base, Swansea
LINGARD, Charles H., junr. 144 Lord Street  
LINGARD, Charles Henry 144 Lord Street 6th Lincs. Regt., 42927
LINGARD, Edward Mumby 21 Durban Road 17200 Dk. Hnd., R.N.R.T. Vivid, Div. 3
LINGARD, Edward 124 Guildford Street 75047 Pte., 2/5 D. By. D.L.I.
LINGARD, Harry 50 Freeston Street R.F.A., 801034 (Segt.)
LINGARD, John William 418 Weelsby Street 1358 Skip., R.N.R. Boadicea II
LINGFORD, John William 202 Hope Street 1397 T.S. Ldg. Trmr., R.N.R.T. Ganges
LINGFORD, Joseph 202 Hope Street 1547 T. S. Engmn., Venerable
LINNELL, William Henry 46 Mill Road H.M.S. Wallington, 269773 (Ch. Era)
LINSKILL, George William 175 Lovett Street H.M.S. Hecla II., M/11037 (Vict. Asst.)
LINTERN, Harry James 136 Thorold Street Fisherman
LISON, Alfred 31 Thesiger Street H.M.S. Pekin, Yard Craft (Cook)
LISON, William 31 Thesiger Street H.M.S. Pekin (Y.C.), (Cook)
LISTER, Alfred Edward 83 Tiverton Street H.M.S. Island Prince, 7414 T.S. (Trimmer)
LISTER, Charles Burbidge 23 Clee Road H.M.S. Hyacinth (Lt.)
LISTER, Ernest Robert 110 Brereton Avenue Signaller R.E.
LISTER, Ernest Robert 216 Stanley Street 312344 3rd Sigs. R.E., 42nd Bde.
LISTER, George William 253 Weelsby Street 3987 Ch. Engr., R.N.R.T. Nairn
LISTER, Harry 94 Pasture Street 12515 Pte., 1st Coy., 1st Irish Gds.
Lister, John   William 19 William Street H.M.S. Eaglet D.A., 2082 (Deck Hand)
LISTER, John 155 Victor Street 821551 Dvr., 135th Batt. R.F.A.
LISTER, Norman M. 63 Ainslie Street R.F.A., 891689
LISTER, Richard 33 Crow Hill Avenue R.A.F. 64 Sqdn., 127519 (Pte.)
LISTER, Walter 100 Hainton Avenue 45805 A/L/Cpl., 77th Lab. Coy.
LISTER, William Ranceman 23 Clee Road Officer, Mercantile Marine
LITCH, Harold Robert Henry 102 Guildford Street 6717 S.T. Engman. RNRT B’ks, Chatham
LITTLE, Charles 144 Lovett Street 25th Mans. 13695, P.O.W.
LITTLE, Christopher George 119 Farebrother Street A.B., H.M.S. Glasgow
LITTLE, Edward 270 Hainton Avenue 15042 D.A., R.N.R.T., H.M.S. Pekin.
LITTLE, George Robert 19 Ripon Street Lincs. Yeo., 55101 (L/CpL)
LITTLE, Harry 11 James Street R.A.F., 15461
LITTLE, Sam 208 Willingham Street E.R.A.
LITTLE, Thomas Charles 19 Ripon Street Lincs. Regt., 241039
LITTLE, Walter Henry 50 Corporation Road 1/5 Lincs. Regt., 240636 Pte.
LITTLE, William Henry 96 Columbia Road 21306 L/Sgt. 1st Gar. Bn. E.Yorks. Reg.
LITTLEJOHNS, William John 128 Durban Road H.M.S. Wallington
LIVETT, Ernest 124 Alexandra Road 4th Coy. R.E., WR/321487 (Sapr.)
LIVINGSTON, Richard James 58 Humberstone Road 189349 2/Pte., R.A.F.
LLOYD, Albert 3 back 46 Trinity Street 3/7774 Pte., Lincs. Regt. Inf.
LLOYD, George Thomas 20 Macaulay Street M.G.C., 87035 Pte.
LLOYD, Sidney 335 Heneage Road 4th Nth. Staffs.
LLOYD, Walter Evans Yarra House, Alexandra Road Manchester Regt. (Lt.-Col.)
Lloyd, William 104 St. Peter’s Avenue Fisherman
LOADES, Alfred Arthur 28 Grimsby Road Tank Corps, 205455 (Pte.)
LOCK, Arthur Sydney 117 Cooper Road 1766, Lincs. Regt.
LOCK, James 120 Grafton Street 351784 Pte., 822 Area Empt. Co., Lab. Corps
LOCK, John James Cook 28 Wollaston Road H.M.S. Wallington, 3681 (Tr.)
LOCK, William Arthur 24 Annesley Street Zaria, T.R.N.R.T. (2/Engr.)
LOCKING, Charles Edmund 17 Cambridge Street R.A. & T.C., C.D. Tank Corps, 110114 L/Cpl.
LOCKING, Charles 147 Castle Street Minesweeper
LOCKING, Harry 34 Garibaldi Street  
LOCKING, Robert 14 Kingsway A.S.C. M.T. 1050 Coy., M2/119570 (Pte.)
LOCKING, William Reed 17 Cambridge Street C/230 Baty. R.F.A., 800504 (Gnr.)
LOCKWOOD, Albert 173 Church Street 70th Siege Baty. R.G.A., 176564 (Gunr.)
LOCKWOOD, Bernard C. 34 Wintringham Road 26th Gen. Hospital R.A.M.C. 50533 (Cpl)
LOCKWOOD, Frank Dudley 34 Wintringham Road 152nd RE., 203699 (Sapper)
LOCKWOOD, Frederick 173 Church Street 162nd Siege Baty. R.G.A., 104414 (Gnr.)
LOCKWOOD, Harry 129 Wellington Street H.M.S. Herringseeker, 5880 D.A. (Engm.)
LOCKWOOD, Maurice 75 Crow Hill Avenue 4th Nth. Staffs. Regt. B.E.F., 45380 (Cpl.)
LOCKWOOD, Robert 25 Clyde Street M.T.A.S.C., M/287077 Pte.
LOFAS, William 92 Lime Street R.F.A,, 820856, Shoeing Smith
LOFT, Gilbert Charles 180 Park Street 219696 A/P/L/Bd. 382nd Bat. 326 Bde.RFA
LOFTHOUSE, George Robert 150 Grimsby Road R.N.Barracks,Portsmouth,LY585 Off. Std. II
LOFTHOUSE, James William 150 Grimsby Road H.M.S. Pekin, 3280 (Engnr.)
LOFTIS, Alfred 196 Grimsby Road Minesweeping
LOFTIS, John William 196 Grimsby Road Minesweeping
LOFTLEY, Henry 104 Ladysmith Road 104 Lab. Batt.
LOFTS, Henry 37 Albert Street 2/5th Lincs. Regt., 241293
LOFTUS, Albert Edward 17 Julian Street 16109 D.A. Dk.Hd., RNRT Pembroke, Div.I
LOFTUS, Charles 10 Kettlewell Street Sergt., 1/5 Lincs. Regt.
LOFTUS, Joseph 304 Burgess Street H.M.S. Glory, 391 E.S. (Egmn.)
LOFTUS, William Philip 6 West Street H.M.S. Idaho, TS7205 (Trimr.)
LOGAN, Edward 449 Cleethorpe Road 12278 Pte., 21st Lab. Coy. Lab. Corps
LOGAN, John William 17 Oxford Street, Clps. R.N. Res. Trawler Sect.
LOND, Charles William 147 Freeman Street R.A.M.C., Btsh. Gen. Hdrs., 89984 (Cpl.)
LOND, Charles William 174 Rutland Street 89984, R.A.M.C.
LOND, James 52 Castle Street 78953 Gnr., 9th Batt. Tank Corps
LOND, John Adam 147 Freeman Street R.F.A., 800916 (Driver)
LOND, Leonard 18 Duchess Street  
LONG, Arthur Stanley 42 Fairmont Road 801652 Gunner
LONG, Henry Arthur 164 Macaulay Street 98th L. Rly. Train. Crew, E.E.F. 290164 Spr
LONG, Ralph Shepherd 73 Newmarket Street Nth. Staffs, Regt., 8th, 42657
LONG, Robert Benjamin 19 Duke Street Fisherman
LONG, Robert 65 Julian Street Driver, A. Service
LONG, Samuel 79 Earl Street 1103 Bty. 227 Bde. R.F.A. 801578, Far. Sgt.
LONG, Sidney 73 Newmarket Street 87 F. R. Btn. Notts. Regt., 137347 Pte.
LONG, William Henry 95 Victor St 10406 2nd Hnd., R.N.R. Boadicea II
LONGBOTTOM, George 53 Sussex Street H.M.S. Gunner, 1374 (Engnr.)
LONGBOTTOM, Harry 84 Sussex Street 23Othl Bde. R.F.A., 800148 (Gnr.)
LONGDEN, Harry Benner 8 Weelsby Street 2nd Yorks.
LONGSDHAW, William 8 Elm Avenue, Clps. Merchant Service
LONKES, Arthur 30 Robert Street 25689 Drum., 1st Batt. Lincs. Regt.
LONSDALE, Frederick G. 103 Chapman Street H.M.S. Pekin, R.N.R.T., 108
LORAINE, Nevison 10 Newmarket Street R.E., 213714
LORAINE, Percy 115 Annesley Street H.M.S. Edinburgh Castle, 227226 Ldg. Seaman
LORANCE, Theodore Alex. 19 Patrick Street Fisherman
LORD, Edmund 27 Lime Street R.A.N.C., 3049
LORD, James Albert 78 Chapman Street 206th Siege Bty, R.F.A., 166405 (Gunr.)
LORD, James William 15 Tiverton Street H.M. Naval Base, Holyhead, 3670 E.S. Engnr.
LOUGHRAM, Charles Wm. 172 Rutland Street 3823 Ldg.Tmr. R.N.R.T. H.M.S Boadicea 2
LOUGHRAN, Thomas 59 Hilda Street 341531 Pte., 37 Batt. Northbd. Fus.
Loughton, Frederick 9 Rowston Street B/230 Bde. R.F.A., 800390 (Dvr.)
LOUNDS, Horace 5 Upper Spring Street Ryl. Pus. Arby.,1st D.A.C.,12428 (Gunr.)
LOUTH, John Richard 101 Alexandra Road 29th Lbr. Coy., 17074 Pte.
LOVE, Samuel 50 Church Street 61st Res. Baty. R.F.A., 10862 Pte.
LOVE, William Jonathan 38 Jasper Terr., Garden Street 59th Div. R.F.A., 800851
LOVEDAY, Alfred 229 Hope Street 38300 S. Hnd., R.N.R.T. Nairn
LOVEDAY, Edward 229 Hope Street 1230 T.S. Trmr., R.N.R.T.Vernon
LOVEDAY, Frederick 229 Hope Street 28931 Seaman, R.N. Royal Sovereign
LOVEDAY, Harry 229 Hope Street 112816 S.S. Stoker 1, Attentive I
LOVELL, James 31 Stanley Street 1530S.T. Skipper, R.N.R. Res’ch for Coalsin
LOVELOCK, Charles John 80 Brereton Avenue 2nd Lincs., 8914 (Segt.)
LOVELOCK, George 115 Brereton Avenue 4th Res. Btn. Lincs. Regt., 241509 (L/Cpl.)
LOVERIDGE, James 6 back 316 Burgess Street Fisherman
LOVERING, William Herbert 50 Daubney Street H.M.S. Marlborough, 236396 (A.B.)
LOW, George Eardley C. 39 Richard Street 4th Sher. Foresters, 41725 (L/Cpl.)
LOWE, Arnold Back 70 Corporation Road S.S. Manx Isles (193), 42764 Pte.
LOWE, Charles Harrison 67 Sussex Street H.M.S. Attentive III., T.S. 6445 (Trimmer)
LOWE, Ernest H. 89 Cambridge Street H.M.S. Island Prince, 17708 D.A. (Dk. Hand)
LOWE, Ernest William 95 Hildyard Street 336613 Riflm., 5th Batt. K.R.R.
LOWE, George 332 Wellington Street 288480 Motor Transport A.S.C.
LOWE, Harry 205 Welholme Road 154684 Spr., R.E., P.O.W.
LOWE, Thomas 11 Phoenix Street Dye Works, 24 Marsden Rd, Huddersfield
LOWE, William Stephen 118 Stanley Street 6444 Trmr., R.N.R.T., H.M.S. Dido
LOWE, William 5 Elm Gardens R.N. Barracks, L’pool (Steward)
LOWERY, Thomas William Back 22 King Edward Street Lincs. Regt., 7535 (A. L/Cpl.)
LOWIS, John Ralph 168 Hainton Avenue 20369 Pte., 1st Nth. Staffs. Inf.
LOWLE, John William 103 Thorold Street 403 Skipper, R.N.R. Zaria
LOWRY, George 17 Upper Spring Street 6th Lincs. Regt.
LOWRY, Joseph Grant 112 Burgess Street A.S.C., F.D., 168297 Pte.
LOWTHER, Fred Ellis 4 Arlington Street Munition Works, Sheffield
LOWTHIAN, Louis 84 Welholme Road 43744 Rifleman, 1/6 County London Regt.
LUCAS, Albert Harold 5 Columbia Road 83598 Pte., M.G.C.
LUCAS, Harry 115 Wood Street Campania, J6827 (Signaller)
LUCAS, Henry Cecil 193 Farebrother Street 16995 Gnr., 207 S. Bat., R.G.A.
LUCAS, John Back 53 Grimsby Road Transport Service
LUCAS, Thomas Eric 44 St Peter’s Avenue Royal Defence Corps
LUCAS, Walter Percy 55 Freshney Street East Lancs. Regt., 29900
LUCAS, William Harold 102 Newmarket Street 2/5 Lincs Regt., D. Coy. 1280
LUCOCK, George Webber 57 Hildyard Street 31539 2nd Hnd., R.N.R.T., H.M.S. Nairn
LUDBROOK, Walter 57 Sidney Street 26th Btn., Mx. Regt., 4483 (Pte.)
LUDDINGTON, Jack Bloye 22 Alfred Street 2nd Batt. West Yorks. Regt., 53309 Pte.
LUKE, Leonard 18 Ravenspurn Street H.M. St Hubert (Zaria), Sec. Engr.
LUMB, George Edward 30 Victoria Street 43rd Bde. H.Q.S. R.F.A., 77837RA (Bdr.)
LUMBARD, George Fred. 387 Heneage Road 36931 Pte., Nth. Fus.
LUMBARD, William H., jun. 387 Heneage Road A.S.C.
LUNN, Frederick 145 Cooper Road Capt., H.M.S. Swallow
LUSBY, Albert Back 46 High Street 8th Btn.Northd.Fus. B.E.F. Inf. 267814 Pte.
LUSBY, Arthur Richard 14 Oole Road Mcht. Service, S.S. Boyne in Calcutta
LUSBY, Charles Fred 26 Bentley Street 8th Queen’s R.W.S. Inf., 23087 (Pte.)
LUSBY, George Drewery 178 Heneage Road 128362 Pte., R.A.M.C.
LUSBY, George William 98 Fildes Street 496th Agri. Coy. Labour Corps, 456834 Pte.
LUSBY, John Thomas 98 Fildes Street 285th Siege Batty. R.F.A., 223974
LUSHER, George James 17 Pelham Square, Clps H.M.S. Thalia, D.A. 6806 (Deck Hand)
LYNCH, John 194 Oxford Street 2308 Dmr. 16th Batt. Man. Regt.
LYNCH, Michael Vincent 248 Wellington Street Skipper
LYNCH, Samuel Henry 3 back 14 King Edward Street Fisherman, Interned Ruhleben
LYNN, Septimus Herbert 6 Pelham Square, Clps 7th Nth. Staffs., 201609 (Pte.)
LYON, Herbert Anson 62 Guildford Street 789 C.M. Eng. Repair Shops
LYON, John Thomas 28 Garden Street Trawling Section
LYON, John William 18 Coombe Street H.M.D. Two Boys, 1508
LYON, Joseph John 84 Hildyard Street Fisherman
LYON, William 16 Stirling Street 338 W.S.A. Skipper, Naval Base, Granton
LYON, William 31 Newmarket Street Minesweeper
LYONS, Charles 244 Wellington Street In Navy
LYTTLE, Samuel 43 Pasture Street H.M.S. Tamar, M13779, E.R.D.I.V.