Grimsby R.N.P.S.V. Memorial

Grimsby R.N.P.S.V. Memorial

Location of the Memorial

A memorial island has been created at the Queens Steps, Lock Head, Royal Docks, Grimsby, to commemorate the men of “The Royal Naval Patrol Service”, popularly know as “Harry Tate’s Navy”. The memorial site can be visited by reporting to the Security Gate on Moody Lane. There is a car park and a narrow road leads onto the dockside, and the memorial is across the lock gates opposite the dock tower. The Royal Naval Patrol Service Veterans with  Associated British Ports have created this memorial.

The site is large enough to provide for ceremonies to take place, and is under constant surveillance from the Harbour master’s office and ABP security. It is an appropriate site, as Grimsby was the largest centre for minesweepers in World War 2, and the site would have been passed by every ship leaving and coming into the dock. When passing into the dock, past the dock tower, the men would have felt safe. The Queen’s Steps is the only place where anyone can land at Grimsby without going into the harbour.


The memorial is mainly connected to World War 2. The centre of the 3 stones, the first to be unveiled on the 2nd September 2001, is to the memory of the 2,385 men of the Royal Naval Patrol Service who went through the lock gates, out to sea, to keep the Humber ports open to shipping between 1914 & 1918, and 1939 to 1945, and who have no grave but the sea. In 2002, 2 other stones were added to the memorial, both on York Stone plinths, and linked to the first stone. A polished granite face was added at the bottom of the centre stone, and an inscription engraved on the stone, listing the names of H.M. trawlers sunk by enemy action during World War 2 in the Grimsby Area.

The stone reads:




The ships below are those listed above, showing where and when they perished.

Date Lost Name Type Tonnage/Completed How Lost
19400112 Valdora Trawler R,   251t, 1916 Believed sunk by German aircraft, Cromer
19400223 Benvolio Trawler R,   352t, 1930 Mined off Humber
19400302 Fairplay Two Tug R,   282t, 1921 Wrecked off Yorkshire coast
19400519 Princess Victoria Minelayer R, 2179t, 1939 Mined, entrance to R. Humber, 18th/19th
19400909 Dervish Trawler R,   346t, 1911 Mined off Humber
19401009 Sea King Trawler R,   321t, 1916 Sunk by underwater explosion in Grimsby Roads
19401028 Harvest Gleaner Drifter R,     96t, 1918 Sunk by aircraft off E. coast.
19401124 Gael Yacht R,   101t, 1904 Mined, entrance to Humber
19401128 Manx Prince Trawler R,   221t, 1910 Mined, entrance to Humber
19401129 Calverton Trawler R,   214t, 1913 Mined, entrance to Humber
19401207 Cortina Trawler R,   213t, 1913 Sunk in collision off Humber
19401207 Lormont Guardship R, 1561t, 1927 Sunk in collision off Humber
19401219 Proficient Drifter R,     57t, Grounded Whitby, total loss
19410122 Luda Lady Trawler R,   234t, 1914 Mined Humber area
19410122 St.Cyrus Tug       810t, 1919 Mined off Humber
19410222 Remillo Trawler R,   266t, 1917 Mined Humber
19410301 St.Donats Trawler R,   349t, 1924 Collision off Humber
19410320 Gloaming Drifter R,     21t, 1928 Mined off Humber
19410331 Lord Selborne Trawler R,   247t, 1917 Mined Humber
19410402 Bahram Drifter R,     72t, 1924 Mined Humber estuary
19410411 Othello Boom Defence Vessel R,   201t, 1907 Mined Humber
19410507 Susarion Trawler R,   260t, 1917 Sunk by aircraft off Humber
19410508 Silicia Trawler R,   250t, 1913 Mined off Humber
19410514 M.A.West Drifter R,     96t, 1919 Sunk by aircraft off Norfolk coast
19410704 Akranes Trawler R,   358t, 1929 Sunk by aircraft Bridlington Bay
19410806 Agate Trawler        627t, 1934 Grounded off Cromer, total loss
19410906 Strathborve Trawler R,   216t, 1930 Mined off Humber
19410908 Corfield Mine Destructor vessel     3000t, 1937 Sunk by mine explosion off Humber
19411226 Henriette Trawler R,   261t, 1936 Mined off Humber
19420130 Loch Alsh Trawler R,   358t, 1920 Sunk by aircraft Humber area
19420202 Cape Spartil Trawler R,   346t, 1929 Sunk by aircraft Humber area
19420202 Cloughton Wyke Trawler R,   324t, 1918 Sunk by aircraft Humber area
19420401 Solomon Trawler R,   357t, 1923 Mined N of Cromer
19430805 Red Guantlet Trawler R,   338t, 1930 Sunk by E-boats North Sea
19430926 Thora Drifter R,     37t, 1930 Fouled boom in bad weather, Grimsby
19431003 Meror Trawler R,   250t, 1905 Mined Humber area
19431025 William Stephen Trawler R,   935t, 1917 Sunk by E-boat off Cromer
19440213 Cap D’Antifer Trawler Sunk by E-boat off Humber
Source: British Naval Vessels Lost at Sea 1939 – 45.        R = Requisitioned by Royal Navy

On the polished grey granite faces of the 2 flanking stones were written 128 names of men from the Grimsby and Cleethorpes area, a local area as it were, though there is one from Tetney, Croxton and Market Rasen, but for the most part they resided in the North Eastern part of Lincolnshire at the time of their death. They are men who served as members of the Royal Naval Patrol Service and whose bodies were never found ie, their only grave is the sea. There well be other persons who have died but are not on the list, but the memorial builders feel that they have done their level best to get things right. This means that they may not have died whilst actually minesweeping, but if they were members of R.N.P. S. and local to the area and the only grave was the sea, then their names will be on the memorial.

The two stones and their names are as below:

The names of the men, their ranks, and the ships they sailed on, and when they perished is listed below:-

In front of the three memorial stones, and mounted on brass plaques, are the 44 names of the Royal Naval Patrol Service Veterans, lead by Tom Walkley, who were responsible for the memorial being built.

ACTON Horace 57 son of William and Anne: husband of Ethel Elizabeth Cleethorpes
ALLEN Albert George 49 son of George and Charlotte Honore: husband of Sarah Elizabeth Cleethorpes
ANDERSON Alfred Eric Ivor Valdimar 39 son of Ivor Valdimar and Elizabeth Anne: husband of Agnes Grimsby
ANGEL Luke Turner 49 son of Luke T. and Ellen of Grimsby: husband of Minnie Grimsby
ASKEW Robert Alfred
AUSTRIN John Funny King 52 son of John Funny King and Alice Ann: husband of Ethel Grimsby
AUSTWICK Clarence Heaton 40 husband of Vera Cleethorpes
BALDOCK Richard Samuel 43 son of Harry and Emily of Grimsby: husband of Jessie May Grimsby
BALLS Alfred Arthur George 26 son of George and Agnes: husband of Ruth Cleethorpes
BARKER John Frederick 19 son of Skipper Lieut. Albert BARKER R.N.R. and Annie E. BARKER Cleethorpes
BARTLETT Robert William
BEESLEY Timothy Stimson 42 son of Thomas and Lily Unice: husband of Maud May Cleethorpes
BELCHER Charles Ernest 22 son of Alfred Ernest and Nellie May
BELLAMY Eldwin 23 son of George and Phyllis
BENNETT Benjamin Victor 48 husband of Lilian Clara Grimsby
BORMAN Arthur Robert 25 son of Arthur Robert and Eliza Ann of Grimsby: husband of Vera Grimsby
BROCKLESBY William Alexander 31 son of William Henry and Margaret Elizabeth of Cleethorpes: husband of Lily Cleethorpes
BROWN John Thomas 29 son of Alice of Grimsby: husband of Gladys May Grimsby
BROWN William 45
BRUNSON James Arthur 22 son of James William and Ellen Alice Cleethorpes
BURNETT Ronald William
BURRETT Sidney 20 son of Azulah Grimsby
BUSH John Henry 22 son of John Samuel and Ethel Daisy Cleethorpes
BYROM William Alex 37 son of John William and Annie of Grimsby: husband of Doris May Grimsby
CAMPBELL Sidney Wilfred 36
CERRINO George Whiley 24 son of Jack and Ruby Grimsby
CHAPMAN George Arthur 22 son of Jarvis and Henrietta of Barton-on-Humber: husband of Ruby Barton on Humber
CLEVELAND William Garwood           R.D.
COCKING Sidney Garner 24 son of Willie and Florence F. Cleethorpes
CROOK Edward Albert Henry 23 son of Edward and Dulcie May Cleethorpes
CUMMINGS William Thomas 35 husband of Olive Gertrude Grimsby
CURPHEY Kenneth 19 son of Robert and Ivy Cleethorpes
CUTTING George son of Charles and Kate Alice: husband of Minnie E.R. Cleethorpes
DILLON Alfred Sidney
DYKE Robert Abraham 45 son of Abraham and Ellen: husband of Malvena G.V. Cleethorpes
EDEN Martin Crook 48 son of Henry and Ruth: husband of Alice M. Cleethorpes
EMMITT Walter Leonard 35 son of Frank and Helen of Grimsby: husband of Dorothy Grimsby
EMSLEY Walter 24 son of Job and Lily Grimsby
EVERETT James Leslie 41 son of James & Florence of Cleethorpes: husband of Mary Josephine Cleethorpes
FARROW Cyril 35 son of Jessie: husband of Fanny Jean Cleethorpes
FEENEY James William 34 son of James and Eliza of Grimsby: husband of Edna May Grimsby
FENTY John (George) 43
FLUDE Stanley 20 son of Edgar and Mary: husband of Ethel Mary Grimsby
FORRESTER Frederick Arthur 26 son of F and Dorothy Grimsby
GALVIN John 52
GLADWELL Stanley Thomas 23 husband of Frances Cleethorpes
GOOD Leslie 34
GOVIS Walter 34 husband of Ada Mary Grimsby
GRAINGER Wallis Milford 21 son of James and Alice of Grimsby: husband of Joan
GRANT Leonard 22 son of George and Rose: husband of Florence E.W. Cleethorpes
GRANT William 41 son of William and Fanny: Husband of Phyllis May Grimsby
HARVEY George Martin 28 son of George and Beatrice Mary of Grimsby: husband of Mary A. Grimsby
HARWOOD Albert Henry 46 son of Henry George and Anne: husband of Ellen Louisa Grimsby
HAYLES George Albert 25 son of Edward and Lizzie Grimsby
HAYTER William Henry 32 husband of Edith Grimsby
HEBDEN Jack 29 son of James and Margaret Ann Cleethorpes
HENSON Frederick Alfred 38 son of Jack and Mary of Grimsby: husband of Charlotte Miriam Grimsby
JACKSON Charles William 34 son of Charles and Maude Adelaide of Grimsby: husband of Kathleen Grimsby
JARVIS Herbert Henry 36 son of Thomas Edward and Anna: husband of Lily Cleethorpes
JENNER Arthur Francis Samuel 41 son of William Frederick and Daisy : husband of Philomena Maria Cleethorpes
JENSEN Viggo Edward Hall 26 son of Viggo and Jane: husband of Hilda Cleethorpes
JEROME Henry James 23 son of Henry James and Ann: husband of Ethel Cleethorpes
JOHNSON Fred Welburn 58
JOHNSON Robert Cecil 29 son of George and Mabel of Grimsby: husband of Beatrice Mary Grimsby
KNIGHT Tom Norton 38 son of Thomas and Mary Jane: husband of Dorothy Grimsby
LAMBLEY George 33 son of Arthur and Christiana: husband of Eileen Cleethorpes
LANCASTER Wilfred Skeaf 41 son of George Skeaf and Bertha Margaret: husband of Nellie Grimsby
LARSEN Aathur Martin 27 son of Peter and Julia of Cleethorpes: husband of M.M.LARSEN Cleethorpes
LAWSON George Albert 28 son of John Louis and Matilda Fayle Grimsby
LEWIS Joseph William 24 son of Joseph and Grace: husband of Doris Grimsby
LOADES Robert Wilson 31 husband of Elsie Grimsby
LOUKES Ronald Thomas 22 son of Arthur and Gertrude Mary Grimsby
MADIN George 44 husband of Lilian Grimsby
MALLIBAND Fred 44 husband of Rose Annie Cleethorpes
MANN James Edward 37 son of Charles and Elizabeth of Grimsby: husband of Rose Ella Grimsby
MARSHALL William 28 son of Robert Sidney and Hannah Grimsby
MILLER Albert Edward 23 son of Albert Edward and Frances: husband of Evelyn Cleethorpes
MORGAN Frederick 20 son of Luke and Ada Grimsby
NALDER John William 44
NUTTELL Frederick 26 son of George Alfred and Blanche of Grimsby: husband of Joan Grimsby
OSBORNE John Benjamin 25 son of Benjamin and Jane Howe: husband of Pearl Winifred Harrogate, YKS
PATTERSON Alexander Walter 27 son of Arthur Ernest and Eliza Elizabeth: husband of Doris Cleethorpes
PEEL John Rowland 39 son of John William and Mary: husband of Florence Ada Cleethorpes
PERKINS James Knight 30 son of William Henry and Margaret Grimsby
PICTON John Henry 24 son of David Henry and Alice: husband of Dorothy Louise Cleethorpes
PORRITT Leonard 25 son of Christopher and Martha Annie of Grimsby: husband of Georgina Evington, Kent
RANSON Edward Henry Forbes 28 son of Edward Henry and Violet May: husband of Adolphine Patricia Grimsby
REDGRAVE William Stevens 29 husband of Annie McLinda Cleethorpes
RENDALL William John Stewart 27 son of William Stewart and Catherine Anderson: husband of Martha Mildred Grimsby
RINGROSE Alfred 40 son of Tom and Thorense Grimsby
RINGROSE William Eric
RUMBELOW Dick 38 husband of Norah Henrietta
SHARE James 43 son of Frank and Ada of Hull: husband of Emma Grimsby
SIMPSON William Leefe 24 son of Walter and Lily Immingham
SKAYMAN Joseph 22 son of Joseph Thomas and Isabel Market Rasen
SMITH James Sidney 30 son of James Thomas and Elizabeth Ann: husband of Hilda Mary Grimsby
SPARKES Ernest 52 son of William and Betsy: husband of Betsy Ann Grimsby
STOAKES Charles George 43 husband of Bessie Grimsby
STOCKS Royce William                       R.D. 48 son of Charles William and Betsy of Grimsby: husband of Louisa Mary Grimsby
STRATTON Albert 25 son of George Frederick and Alice Grimsby
SYKES Sydney Joseph 29 son of Sidney Percival and Violena of Grimsby: husband of Iris Eileen Grimsby
TAYLOR Robert 49 husband of Florence B. Grimsby
THOMPSON George William 32 son of Horace George and Amelia: husband of Phyllis Cleethorpes
TOPLISS Charles Lucock 32 husband of Doris Maud Grimsby
TRENCH Walter 35 son of Albert Edward and Olive: husband of Alice Mary Grimsby
TROWBRIDGE Henry Thomas Augustus 28 son of Henry Thomas Augustus & Anne of Grimsby: husband of Elsie Grimsby
TWITCHETT Robert Noel 19 son of Robert John and Edith May Grimsby
WALKER Henry Edmund
WATKINSON Frank 53 son of Joseph and Rachel: husband of Betsy Tetney
WATSON James Thomas 25 son of Herbert Edward & Ivy Bertha: husband of Hetty Grimsby
WEBB Alfred 38
WEBB Harry Edward
WEBB Kenneth
WHITTLETON Robert William Percy 30 son of Robert and Margaret of Cleethorpes: husband of Ethel Grace Cleethorpes
WIGGLESWORTH Charles Henry Richard 32 son of Mr. & Mrs. John Henry WIGGLESWORTH: husband of Alma Cleethorpes
WILLIS Josiah Julian 41 son of Charles Henry and Mary of Grimsby: husband of Elsie May Grimsby
WILSON William Henry 25 son of Mrs H.E.WILSON of Cleethorpes: husband of H. WILSON
WINK Henry James                            D.S.M. 26 son of Skipper James Henry Wink, Fishing Fleet, and Helen Emma Scartho
YOUNG James Steele 37 son of William and Mary: husband of Elizabeth May Grimsby

The names of the men, their families and their residence at date of death is given below:-

These are listed below:-

ACTON Horace Seaman Cook LT/JX180221 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Waveflower” 19401022 57
ALLEN Albert George Chief Engineman LT/X292EU R.N.R. (P.S.), H.M.Trawler “Asama” 19410321 49
ANDERSON Alfred Eric Ivor Valdimar Chief Engineman LT/KX114600 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Jura” 19430107 39
ANGEL Luke Turner Engineman LT/KX105059 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Hickory” 19401022 49
ASKEW Robert Alfred Stoker LY/KX131380 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Notts County” 19420308
AUSTRIN John Funny King Engineman LT/KX114152 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Lord Selborne” 19410331 52
AUSTWICK Clarence Heaton Engineman LT/X5952ES R.N.R. (P.S.), H.M.Trawler “Juniper” 19400618 40
BALDOCK Richard Samuel Engineman LT/KX105084 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Cap D’Antifer” 19440213 43
BALLS Alfred Arthur George Seaman LT/JX206451 R.N.P.S., H.M.Drifter “Bahram” 19410403 26
BARKER John Frederick Seaman LT/X21531A R.N.R. (P.S.), H.M.Trawler “Recoil” 19400928 19
BARTLETT Robert William Stoker 2nd Class LT/SR55719 R.N.P.S. H.M.Trawler “Gulfoss” 19410309
BEESLEY Timothy Stimson Engineman LT/KX106913 R.N.P.S. H.M.Trawler “Manor” 19420709 42
BELCHER Charles Ernest Seaman LT/JX321044 R.N.P.S. H.M.S. “Loch Hope” 19440516 22
BELLAMY Eldwin Telegraphist C/JX201136 R.N., H.M.Trawler “Strathborve” 19410906 23
BENNETT Benjamin Victor Second Hand LT/JX209192 R.N.P.S. H.M.Drifter “Reed” 19401107 48
BORMAN Arthur Robert Engineman LT/KX106872 R.N.P.S. H.M.S. “Europa” 19410819 25
BROCKLESBY William Alexander Chief Engineman LT/KX100583 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Ellesmere” 19450224 31
BROWN John Thomas Stoker LT/KX106752 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Ebor Wyke” 19450502 29
BROWN William Third Hand Naval Auxiliary Personnel (M.N.), H.M. Trawler “Campina” 19400722 45
BRUNSON James Arthur Seaman Cook LT/JX222222 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Lord Selborne” 19410331 22
BURNETT Ronald William Stoker LT/X10321S R.N.R. (P.S.), H.M.Trawler “Comet” 19400930
BURRETT Sidney Seaman LT/JX180304 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Agate” 19410806 20
BUSH John Henry Leading Steward LT/LX29313 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Alouette” 19420918 22
BYROM William Alex Second Hand LT/JX180304 R.N.P.S., H.M.Motor Minesweeper “117” 19440901 37
CAMPBELL Sidney Wilfred Skipper R.N.R.., H.M.Trawler “Staunton” 19400927 36
CERRINO George Whiley Leading Seaman LT/X19504A R.N.R. (P.S.), H.M.Trawler “Bedfordshire” on loan to U.S. Navy 19420511 24
CHAPMAN George Arthur Seaman LT/JX286660 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Tervani” 19430207 22
CLEVELAND William Garwood           R.D. Chief Skipper R.N.R., H.M.Trawler “Myrtle” 19400614
COCKING Sidney Garner Stoker LT/KX98229 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Lord Stamp” 19401014 24
CRAWFORD John Neve Second Hand LT/JX242443 R.N.P.S., H.M.Drifter “Bahram” 19410403
CROCKETT George Engineman LT/X6002ES R.N.R. (P.S.), H.M.Trawler “River Clyde” 19400805
CROOK Edward Albert Henry Engineman LT/KX99823 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Alouette” 19420919 23
CUMMINGS William Thomas Stoker LT/KX124567 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Ormonde” 19410216 35
CURPHEY Kenneth Seaman LT/JX315098 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Bredon” 19430208 19
CUTTING George Second Hand LT/X2893A R.N.R. (P.S.), H.M.Trawler “Stella Dorado”” 19400601
DILLON Alfred Sidney Stoker C/X3172V R.N.R., H.M.Trawler “Myrtle” 19400614
DYKE Robert Abraham Engineman LT/KX111447 R.N.P.S., H.M.Drifter “Bahram” 19410403 45
EDEN Martin Crook Second Hand LT/JX183154 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Phineas Beard” 19411208 48
EMMITT Walter Leonard Leading Seaman LT/JX173084 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Manor” 19420709 35
EMSLEY Walter Leading Seaman LT/SR55724 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Kingston Jacinth” 19430112 24
EVERETT James Leslie Lieutenant Skipper R.N.R., H.M.S. “Santa” 19431123 41
FARROW Cyril Chief Engineman LT/KX116098 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Franc Tireur” 19430925 35
FEENEY James William Stoker LT/KX116797 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Remillo” 19410227 34
FENTY John (George) Third Hand Naval Auxiliary Personnel (M.N.), H.M. Trawler “Oswaldian” 19400804 43
FLUDE Stanley Seaman LT/JX374578 R.N.P.S., H.M. Motor Minesweeper “55” 19440710 20
FORRESTER Frederick Arthur Leading Seaman LT/X20199A R.N.R.  (P.S)., H.M.Trawler “Topaze” 19410420 26
GALVIN John Second Engineman Naval Auxiliary Personnel (M.N.), H.M. Trawler “Campina” 19400722 52
GLADWELL Stanley Thomas Stoker LT/X10363S R.N.R.  (P.S)., H.M.Trawler “Rinovia” 19401102 23
GOOD Leslie Trimmer Naval Auxiliary Personnel (M.N.), H.M. Trawler “Campina” 19400722 34
GOVIS Walter Second Hand LT/JX180143 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Red Gauntlet” 19430805 34
GRAINGER Wallis Milford Seaman LT/JX317127 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Kingston Beryl” 19431225 21
GRANT Leonard Seaman LT/JX180103 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Kingston Beryl” 19431225 22
GRANT William Engineman LT/KX101282 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Charles Boyes” 19400525 41
HARVEY George Martin Leading Seaman LT/JX222794 R.N.P.S., H.M.S “President III” 19431111 28
HARWOOD Albert Henry Chief Engineman LT/327EV R.N.R. (P.S.), H.M.Trawler “Roche Bonne” 10410407 46
HAYLES George Albert Leading Cook LT/MX87185 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Bredon” 19430208 25
HAYTER William Henry Seaman LT/X19471A R.N.R. (P.S.), H.M.Trawler “Kingston Cornelian” 19400105 32
HEBDEN Jack Seaman LT/JX193895 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Notts County” 19420308 29
HENSON Frederick Alfred Skipper R.N.R., H.M.Trawler “Sisapon” 19400612 38
JACKSON Charles William Lieutenant R.N.R., H.M.Trawler “Hickory” 19401022 34
JARVIS Herbert Henry Skipper R.N.R., H.M.Trawler “Remillo” 19410227 36
JENNER Arthur Francis Samuel Skipper R.N.R., H.M.Trawler “Lord Stonehaven” 19421002 41
JENSEN Viggo Edward Hall Engineman LT/KX107991 R.N.P.S., H.M. Motor Minesweeper “39” 19410807 26
JEROME Henry James Stoker LT/SR55740 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Laeryes” 19420725 23
JOHNSON Fred Welburn Temp Skipper Naval Auxiliary Personnel (M.N.), H.M. Trawler “Campina” 19400722 58
JOHNSON Robert Cecil Seaman LT/JX2421834 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Phineas Beard” 19411208 29
KNIGHT Tom Norton Stoker LT/KX101207 R.N.P.S., H.M.S “Dunraven Castle” 19430302 38
LAMBLEY George Engineman LT/KX125075 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Tervani” 19430207 33
LANCASTER Wilfred Skeaf Engineman LT/KX111565 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Sea King” 19401009 41
LARSEN Aathur Martin Second Hand LT/JX210907 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Recoil” 19400928 27
LAWSON George Albert Stoker LT/KX141049 R.N.P.S., H.M.S. “Vervain” 19450220 28
LEWIS Joseph William Seaman LT/X20325A R.N.R.  (P.S)., H.M.Trawler “Argyllshire” 19400601 24
LOADES Robert Wilson Second Hand LT/X53SC R.N.R.  (P.S)., H.M.Trawler “Fifeshire” 19400220 31
LOUKES Ronald Thomas Engineman LT/KX110041 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Ullswater” 19421119 22
MADIN George Leading Seaman LT/6911C R.N.R.  (P.S)., H.M.Trawler “Europa” 19451128 44
MALLIBAND Fred Chief Engineman LT332EU R.N.R.  (P.S)., H.M.Trawler “Marsona” 19400804 44
MANN James Edward Engineman LT/KX116782 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Topaze” 19410420 37
MARSHALL William Stoker LT/KX115352 R.N.P.S., H.M.S. “Van Meerlant” 19410604 28
MARWOOD Leonard Leading Seaman LT/JX204447 R.N.P.S., H.M.Drifter “Bahram” 19410403
MILLER Albert Edward Leading Seaman LT/JX333018 R.N.P.S., H.M. Motor Minesweeper “55” 19440710 23
MORGAN Frederick Seaman LT/JX170686 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “St.Apollo” 19411122 20
NALDER John William Fireman Naval Auxiliary Personnel (M.N.), H.M. Trawler “Campina” 19400722 44
NUTTELL Frederick Seaman LT/JX225147 R.N.P.S., H.M.Drifter “Thistle” 19410508 26
OSBORNE John Benjamin Seaman LT/X20744A R.N.R.  (P.S)., H.M.Trawler “Lincoln City” 19410221 25
PATTERSON Alexander Walter Second Hand LT/X20270A R.N.R.  (P.S)., H.M.Trawler “Kingston Beryl” 19431225 27
PEEL John Rowland Skipper R.N.R., H.M.S. “Stag” 19411013 39
PENISTONE Harry Stoker LT/KX101772 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Rinovia” 19401102
PERKINS James Knight Seaman LT/JX177711 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Juniper” 19400618 30
PICTON John Henry Second Hand LT/X21109A R.N.R., (P.S)., H.M. Motor Minesweeper “101” 19441124 24
PORRITT Leonard Seaman Cook LT/JX164492 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Kingston Galena” 19400724 25
RANSON Edward Henry Forbes Engineman LT/KX101590 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Kurd” 19450710 28
REDGRAVE William Stevens Engineman LT/KX124798 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Gloaming” 19410320 29
RENDALL Jack Seaman LT/JX195828 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Remillo” 19410227
RENDALL William John Stewart Seaman LT/JX185291 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Sisapon” 19400612 27
RINGROSE Alfred Stoker LTKX160934 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Lord Wakefield 19440729 40
RINGROSE William Eric Leading Stoker LT/JX229615 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Notts County” 19420308
RUMBELOW Dick Second Hand 22209 Naval Auxiliary Personnel (M.N.), H.M. Trawler “Valdora” 19400112 38
SHARE James Seaman LT/JX241514 R.N.P.S. H.M.S. “Europa” 19451128 43
SIMPSON William Leefe Stoker LT/KX104106 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Beech” 19410622 24
SKAYMAN Joseph Stoker LT/KX139962 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Transvaal” 19441118 22
SMITH James Sidney Stoker LT/KX99079 R.N.P.S., H.M.Drifter “Ray of Hope” 19391210 30
SPARKES Ernest Second Hand LT/JX210967 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Kingston Alalite” 19401110 52
STOAKES Charles George Chief Engineman LT/X270EU R.N.R., (P.S)., H.M.Trawler “Ullswater” 19421119 43
STOCKS Royce William                       R.D. Chief Skipper R.N.R., H.M.Trawler “Sedgely” 19391214 48
STRATTON Albert Seaman LT/JX186601 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Notts County” 19420308 25
SYKES Sydney Joseph Seaman Cook LT/JX164306 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Fort Royal” 19400209 29
TAYLOR Robert Stoker LT/KX101204 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Lord Stamp” 19401014 49
THOMPSON George William Engineman LT/KX116182 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Bredon” 19430208 32
TOPLISS Charles Lucock Seaman LT/JX173394 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Cap D’Antifer” 19440213 32
TRENCH Walter Boom Skipper R.N.R., H.M. Boom Defence Vessel “Othello” 19410411 35
TROWBRIDGE Henry Thomas Augustus Telegraphist LT/JX229180 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Birdlip” 19440613 28
TWITCHETT Robert Noel Stoker LT/KX130886 R.N.P.S., H.M. Yacht “Rosabelle” 19411211 19
WALKER Henry Edmund Engineman LT/KX111441 R.N.P.S., H.M.Drifter “Bahram” 19410403
WATKINSON Frank Skipper R.N.R., H.M.Trawler “Lord Selborne” 19410331 53
WATSON James Thomas Seaman LT/JX177629 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Myrtle” 19400614 25
WEBB Alfred Fireman Naval Auxiliary Personnel (M.N.), H.M. Trawler “Campina” 19400722 38
WEBB Harry Edward Second Hand LT/JX180112 R.N.P.S., H.M.Drifter “Comfort” 19400529
WEBB Kenneth Seaman LT/JX197754 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Wallasea” 19440106
WHITTLETON Robert William Percy Seaman LT/JX206438 R.N.P.S., H.M.Drifter “Bahram” 19410403 30
WIGGLESWORTH Charles Henry Richard Seaman LT/JX225127 R.N.P.S., H.M. Yacht “Viva II” 19410508 32
WILLIS Josiah Julian Leading Seaman LT/JX200930 R.N.P.S., H.M.Trawler “Birdlip” 19440613 41
WILSON William Henry Second Hand LT/X19859A R.N.N. (P.S)., H.M.Trawler “Jura” 19430107 25
WINK Henry James                            D.S.M. Skipper R.N.R., H.M.S. “Canada” 19420924 26
YOUNG James Steele Second Hand LT/JX190165 R.N.P.S., H.M. Motor Minesweeper “170” 19441012 37
Albert H Brown 867467 Royal Naval Trawler Section
George Tyrell C.P.O. AX 10464 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
James R Brooks LDG SEA LI/JX 279608 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Henry E Walker Skipper RNR Lord Roberts Royal Naval Trawler Section
Hugh McDonald L/Telegraphist LT/JX 1855562 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Dick Rumbelow Seaman LTJX 355598 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
James R Mitcheson LDG/COOK MX 100813 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Harry Kirk Stoker LT/KX 153973 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Arthur E Clayton APO DSM D/JX 227590 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Malcolm G Robinson TEL(TO)RN(W)R C/WRX 1190 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Albert Parkinson SEA GNR LT/JX 306726 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
William Findlay CPO ENG LT/KX 129325 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Harold Grey CHIEF ENG LT/KX 124697 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
W Mills L/WREN 97795 FMO Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
William Brown Seaman LT/JX 379956 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Frank Fieldsend Cook LT/MX 580391 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
L J Torrington Signalman LT/JX 321374 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
H C J Blake LDG/STEN LT/LX 28118 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
James W Mascall Seaman LT/JX 287544 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Harry Brown P.O. ENG LT/KX 152551 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Harold Redman Riggers Mate C/JX 164646 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Stephen Drever Stoker Mech C/KX 866330 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Thomas H F W Walkley PO COXN LT/JX 281360 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Ernest E Hall PO ENG LT/JX 105060 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Harry Andrews Seaman LT/JX 196071 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Raymond Tuxworth SEA GNR LT/JX 278054 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
William J Arthur LDG/SEA LT/JX 280131 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
William G Hardie LT COM RD RNR WS 3727 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Edward Broderick Seaman LT/JX 304257 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Charles H Brown Stoker LT/KX 149154 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Joseph E Stiff CPO LT/JX 21561A Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
William Hanson Stoker KX 114690 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Frank Johnson O/Seaman LT/JX 31261 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Edward Bancroft PO MECH C/MX 75113 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
R R Meredith Seaman LT/JX 373393 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Cliff Spencer VHO Seaman G/L LT/JX 1771112 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Robert Finch LDG SEA RNR X 19699A Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
John R Jones CPO ENG LT/KX 101844 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
R Shrieves Seaman LT/JX 409860 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
James Brown TEL LT/JX 402528 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Victor J Brown CHIEF PO ICX 115961 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Percy Goddard Seaman JX 250236 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
John V Earl Skipper JS 338 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran
Ernest Croft Seaman LT/JX 190158 Royal Naval Patrol Service Veteran

There are 2 brass plaques either side of a set of steps explaining how the memorial came to be built, and another presented by the veterans to Tom Walkley whose inspiration and hard work caused it to be built.
The inscription for both plaques reads as follows:-

Next to the Mark 17 Magnetic Mines which are either side of the main memorial island are brass plaques saying who donated them. These both read the same as thus:-

Type of Memorial

The memorial now, in 2003, consists of an island of engineering bricks forming a wall and platform, on which three finished granite blocks stand on York Stone plinths. In front of the blocks are slabs of York Stone, and at the front of the memorial, guarding the plinths are five bollards of cast steel, painted white with black lettering, with the inscription R N P S V. (Royal Naval Patrol Service Veterans) The granite blocks are flanked by Mark 17 Contact mines. The engineering bricks at the front of the memorial, immediately behind the bollards, are in two colours, red and black, and at the centre a V is formed. There are ship’s anchors also either side of the granite blocks. Three flags fly above the memorial.

The polished grey granite blocks represent the grey sea, and the granite is from Finland. The bollards were donated and are actual dockside bollards. The purpose of the bollards is to protect the memorial, stopping vehicles from damaging it. They also signify a safe haven, as when the minesweeper is tied up, it is safe for the crew. The Mark 17 mines, either side of the memorial island are actual naval mines and were donated. A magnetic acoustic mine stands on its own concrete plinth some 30 metres away, to the north of the main memorial island. It too was donated.

The anchors are from trawlers, donated by Harris and Garood of Grimsby Fish Docks. Each of the granite blocks measure 1080mm x 600mm x 75mm. However the centre block stands slightly forward of the other two blocks. There are brass plates next to the mines, indicating who provided them. There are 44 other brass plates on the bricks of the island in front of the granite blocks, naming the members of the Royal Navy Patrol Service Veterans who created the memorial, and another plate donated by these members to Tom Walkley, whose idea it was to create the memorial, and whose work & research has lead to the memorial being created.

To the right of the main island memorial, and about 30metres away stands a concrete plinth, on two levels, on which stands a Magnetic Acoustic Mine. This mine was donated to the veterans and two brass plaques acknowledge this fact. They read:-



The magnetic Acoustic mine on its concrete plinth.

The complete memorial is shown below as it is now, that is in October 2003:-

There is a V for Veterans sign below the steps, between bollards 2 and 3(reading from left to right)

Each of the bollards, are painted white, with a letter upon it painted in black as thus:-

The memorial together with the magnetic acoustic mine is shown thus:-

History of the Memorial

Grimsby Royal Docks was the largest base for minesweepers in the British Isles, and minesweepers from this base used to go out into the North Sea to sweep the shipping lanes, passing the dock tower and Queen’s Steps as they went out into the shipping lanes of the Humber.

After the Second World War, on May 20th, 1948 a bronze plaque, measuring 1830mm x 1220mm was erected on the Dock Tower and an inscription in letters 150mm high, reading


The plaque was paid for by two Grimsby business men, who names were kept secret, but later released as Mr J Doig and Mr A E Philips, was designed by Mr A.E. Wade, the principal of the Grimsby School of Art. The plaque was unveiled by Vice Admiral R V Holt, CBE, DSO, MVO who was flag officer in charge of the Humber during the war. The bishop of Grimsby, Rt. Rev A I Greaves, accompanied by the vicar of Grimsby, Canon E Lisle Marsden, dedicated the memorial. It was very appropriate that on the day of the unveiling of this memorial, a northerly gale, blew a naval sloop ashore that was anchored in the river Humber, and whipped off the flag covering the memorial before it could be officially unveiled. Spectators took what little cover was available; an armed guard from HMS Mariner was present, along with the MP for Grimsby, Mr K G Younger, the Mayor of Grimsby, Councillor W B Bailey, his deputy and members of the Corporation, the donors of the plaque, and representatives of the armed forces and docks, along with Fisheries officers. Vice Admiral Holt told the assembled company “They were a carefree crowd, they tackled their job as a sport, and no matter how heavy the casualties they were out again as quickly as possible to have another go, Of the minesweeping personnel, he said, that only 3% were RN, 34% were RNR, whilst 63% were RNVR. The total number of ships engaged totalled 1,533, out of which 316 were lost. The total number of mines swept was 34,858.”

After the ceremony there was a fly past by 3 bombers.

The scheme to erect the plaque was originated by Dorothy Clapham of Grimsby, who, with a small committee were responsible for carrying it into fruition.

A photograph of the ceremony, taken from the local paper is shown below:

This is a photograph of the same plaque in 2003, still in place on the Dock Tower

By 1999, the plaque was in a poor condition, so the veterans decided to try to clean it, but found that any attempt to do this might cause it to crumble away. It was decided to erect a new plaque on the Dock Tower, but as it was a listed building, there was too much ‘red tape’ getting a plaque erected on the same site. The chairman of the veterans, a Mr Tom Walkley, who served on minesweepers in the Second World War, and chairman of his local branch of Royal Navy Patrol Service Association, decided to build a new memorial altogether. He was in Caistor, Lincolnshire, his home town, when he saw a stonemason with a gravestone on a trolley, and wondered if the stone was on its side, then it would make a great memorial. He went straight home, and designed a memorial, costed it out, and then told his local association of his plans. They were quite sure that it would be impossible to raise the money required, but with his driving force, sales, raffles and subscriptions, the money was raised. Tom told the Evening Telegraph, the local paper, of his plans and Tom soon had a number of letters from relatives of local men who had died at sea whilst minesweeping, who had never had a funeral for their and wanted a memorial for them. The memorial has been sponsored therefore by both private donations, by R N S P Veterans and corporate funding, namely by ABP. There is no roll of honour, but there are many names on the memorial stones.

The land, on the dock belonging to ABP, above Queens Steps, was given free of charge by Associated British Ports, and they have provided all the building work, the moving of the stones, mines, anchors etc, and have built the memorial. They have also agreed to maintain the memorial after the veterans have all died. The memorial has cost a lot of money, Tom Walkley will not say how much, but this is why it was built over a period of 3 years, with other parts being added as funds became available. The mines, anchors, and bollards were all donated. Leakes Masonry of Louth gained the contract for provision of the stones and the inscriptions.

The memorial has not been dedicated as such, but each year they have a memorial service conducted by the Salvation Army, an interdenominational organisation. The service is written by Tom Walkley and all the design of the memorial is his, and without his driving force the memorial would never have been built. There are now no plans to add anything more to the memorial; Tom is aware that they may be other names that could be added to the memorial, but does not plan to do so. He did all the research for the names on the stones, and was assisted by other veterans and families, and hopes that he got all his facts correct.

On 2nd September, 2001, the first part of the memorial was constructed, the brick island made, together with 2 steps. A single polished light grey granite stone was laid on a York stone plinth. Anchors were laid, and a Mark 17 Contact Mine was placed at each end. The single stone’s inscription was a tribute to the men of the Royal Naval Patrol Service who passed by the Queens Steps on their way to the sea. The stone was for all who died, 2385 men missing in action and never found. Therefore they have no other grave but the sea.

The below photographs illustrate the start of the memorial:-

1. Tom Walkley and his wife stand together whilst a member of the Battle of Britain Flight salutes the memorial. The central granite stone stands on its York stone plinth, mounted on a brick island platform.

The memorial in September 2001, showing the island platform, central stone, flags, anchors and magnetic mines in place.

By 2002, two flanking stones had been added, all on York stone plinths, , with the central stone slightly in front of the two flanking stones. The island platform had been flagged with stone slabs, and a further inscription added to the central stone.

In August 2003, a brick pattern was added in front of the memorial made of blue and red engineering bricks. A brick V for Veterans was placed in front of the steps leading up the memorial, and five steel bollards placed in front of the memorial. Brass plaques were placed on the island platform, tributes to the builders of the memorial, and so the memorial was completed.

Condition of the Memorial

This memorial is brand new, and in a very good condition. It’s position, generally away from public access and protected by Associated British Ports security, means that is unlikely to suffer vandalism. Associated British Ports have also agreed to maintain the memorial; its in their own interests to do so as it is in full view of any visitor to the port by sea, and this includes any executives of the company itself. There are currently no plans to make any new additions to it.